The Kofi Collection uses very unique Vulcanic or Heishi African disc beads in the place of the traditional glass beads. Traditionally, Kofi beads were made of vulcanite or vulcanized rubber. Now many of them are made from vinyl. Our unique collection combines the beauty of these disc beads with the prismatic elegance of crystal elements and glass beads. You do not want to miss your opportunity to add this limited edition strand to your collection!
This listing is for ONE (1) BLACK & WHITE KOFI strand of traditional African waist beads. This strand will wrap only once around most waists. Photo depicts one strand wrapped multiple times solely for photographic purposes.


These traditional waist beads are threaded on a cotton cord for durability and longevity. They are meant to be tied on for long term wear.


BEAD SIZE: 30 disc beads to 1 inch

LENGTH: 41-42 inches




It can be easily adjusted down to your waist size by removing excess beads and trimming them down to your desired size. We suggest measuring along your panty line with a tape measure to ensure these standard lengths will fit you. 


Typically you would wear the beads along your panty line to accommodate slight weight fluctuations, but others may wish to wear them along their natural waist.  Instructions for wearing and protecting your beads will come with your order.

The history of waist beads dates back to antiquity. Many believe that the history begins in ancient Egypt where they were called “girdles” and were worn by women as a status symbol. In West Africa, the tradition was made popular by the Yoruban tribe of Nigeria. They are worn as a celebration of womanhood, sexuality, femininity, fertility, healing, spirituality, body shaping, protection and wealth.


Don’t be fooled by photos of only slender women wearing waist beads. Women of all shapes and sizes can confidently adorn themselves with waist beads as well. Because traditionally beads are worn along your panty or bikini line and not your actual waist (which is typically across the belly button), it allows for all women to comfortably wear waist beads no matter their size. Wearing them is really a personal reflection and appreciation for your God-given beauty.

Black & White Kofi African Waist Beads

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